Autoclaving, Sterilization and Lab Washers

Miele™ Mobile Injector Unit with Hot Air Connection

Injector carriage for 96 pipets w/ connection forhot-air drying E 408

Sartorius™ Sterisart™ NF Sterility Testing System

Provides completely closed system sterility testing of pharmaceuticals, open containers, closed containers, pre-filled syringes, powders, and medical devices. Sartorius™ Sterisart™ NF Sterility Testing System is optimal for use with isolators. X10 STERISART NF GAMMA SEPTUM DUAL

Miele Professional™ Blind stopper for load carrier

Blind stopper E 362 for the sealing of fittings to load carriers E 362 Blindschraube zum Verschließen vonVerschraubungen der Injektorwagen, M 8x1

Fisherbrand™ Grade 926 Sterilization Paper

Used as wrap for medical clothes. X500 PAP AUTOCLAV VERT 600X600MM

Fisherbrand™ Immersion Basket with Handle

Faciliates complete immersion within S-line Ultrasonic Cleaner baths. Fisherbrand™ Immersion Baskets with Handle are manufactured from stainless steel.
BASKET INT.198 x 106 x H:50 MM FOR CLEANER 2,75 L

Miele Professional™ Upper basket for laboratory glass washer

Upper basket O 800/1 for the optimum loading of different inserts O800/1 Lafette/leer, Bestückh. 200mm

Fisherbrand™ Covers for Fisherbrand™ Ultrasonic Cleaners

These covers are designed for the Fisherbrand™ Ultrasonic Cleaners. COVER FOR ULTRASONIC CLEANER 14/18 L

Miele™ Mobile Injector Unit

E329, Injector unit with 39 jets of 8 different heights over full width

Astell Scientific™ AVC002 Pre and Post Simple Vacuum

Ideal for sterilizing porous materials and other loads where air pockets could easily form. Astell Scientific™ AVC002 Pre and Post Simple Vacuum is suitable for standard autoclaves with heaters in the chamber or direct steam models. Basic Vacuum: For heaters in chamber models. Pre and post vacuum for ASB280BT,ASB290BT and ASB300BT

Miele™ Injector Nozzle

ID 160 Injektordüse mit Kunststoffspitze, 4,0 mmDurchm., 160 mm lang

Miele™ Insert 1/4

Basket for 200 tubes to 105MM

Microspec™ Autoclave Bags

Designed for contaminated waste disposal in autoclaves or incinerators. Autoclave Bags Small 302mmx 608mm x 1500 : Ecopak

Branson Ultrasonics™ Ultrasonic Cleaning Bath Accessory, Covers

For use with Bransonic cleaning baths Tank cover , plastic, model 5800

Labconco™ SteamScrubber™ Labware Inserts

Hold a variety of wider-mouth flasks, beakers and other labware in inverted position Insert 490mm x 220mm x 200mm (w x d x h) 32 pin

Fisherbrand™ Acid Resistant Plastic Tubs for Ultrasonic Cleaners

Provide additional tank protection when using harsh chemical cleaning solutions in the ulstrasonic cleaner. ACID-RESISTANT POLYPROPYLENE TUB+COVER FOR CLEANER 28 L

Labconco™ SteamScrubber™ Culture Tube Inserts

Culture Tube Inserts for use with Labconco FlaskScrubber and SteamScrubber Glassware Washers. Rack 216mm x 213mm x 76mm (w x d x h) Labconco

Labconco™ SteamScrubber™ Glassware Washer

Clean glassware is essential in any lab. Labconco SteamScrubber™ Glassware Washer provides thorough, efficient, and economical cleaning that meets demanding laboratory standards. Washer SteamScrubber Labconco freestanding

Fisherbrand™ Glass Beaker with Cover

The Fisherbrand™ Glass Beaker with Cover is an ideal accessory for the Fisherbrand™ 11211 ultrasonic cleaner. This is a safe and economical choice for any laboratory. CLEANING GLASS 600 ML WITH LID FOR ALL CLEANERS (except 0,8 L)

Miele™ Mesh basket cover, A5, for use with O and U184 Miele washing machine rack

A5 Abdeckung für O 184 / U 184 / E 747 / E 947, 8x 280 x 280 mm (HxBxT)

Branson Ultrasonics™ Bransonic™ Ultrasonic Cleaning Bath Accessory, Beakers

For use with Bransonic ultrasonic baths Beaker glass 600 ml

Miele Professional™ Insert

Insert E 363 for the optimum loading of GYN and ENT instruments E363 Insert 1/6

Branson Ultrasonics™ CPXH Series Ultrasonic Cleaning Bath

Outfit your lab with an industry classic, heated cleaner that delivers the same ultrasonic power even when load conditions change. Additionally, Branson CPXH Series Ultrasonic Tabletop Cleaners offer rock-solid construction plus a hi-tech design and will provide you with years of reliable use. BRANSONIC CPX3800H-E , INCL COVER

Branson Ultrasonics™ Bransonic™ Ultrasonic Cleaning Bath Accessory, Support Racks

For use with Branson ultrasonic baths SUPPORT RACK FOR CLEANER 2,8L

Labconco™ FlaskScrubber™ Glassware Washer

Provide thorough, efficient, and economical cleaning that meets demanding laboratory standards by outfitting your lab with a Labconco FlaskScrubber™ Glassware Washer. Glassware washer FlaskScrubber Labconcoundercounter with high heat

Branson Ultrasonics™ Sonifier™ Cell Disruptor Acoustic Enclosure Accessory, Adapter

For 150w sonifier only Adaptor, converter neck, for SLPE-150

Miele™ A 3 Cover Net 1/4

A 3 COVER NET 1/4,206 X 206 MM

Miele™ AK 12 Insert

A storage solution for holding different utensils in a laboratory environment. AK12, Half insert for beakers, flasks and wide-mouthed glassware

Labconco™ Utensil Holder

Holds spatulas, spoons, scoops securely for washing Utensil holder Labconco Type 304 stainless steel

Fisherbrand™ Hostalen Tub for Ultrasonic Cleaners

The Fisherbrand™ Hostalen Tub is designed for the T 460, T 460/H, T 470/H and T 490 DH Ultrasonic Cleaners. HOSTALEN TUB 200 x 95 x 57 MM FOR CLEANER 2,8 L

Fisherbrand™ Grade 925 Sterilization Paper

Used as wrap for medical clothes. X125 PAP AUTOCLAV WHIT 1200X1200M