pH and Electrochemistry

Bibby Scientific™ Jenway™ pH Meter Adapter Lead

Bibby Scientific™ Jenway™ pH Meter Adapter Lead features a waterproof connector to the BNC electrode connector. Adapter lead (Waterproof connector to BNC)

Mettler Toledo™ SevenExcellence™ S500 pH/Ion Meters

Intuitive touchscreen operation and high measurement performance combined with a complete security package for safe results and solid compliance. Mettler Toledo SevenExcellence S500 pH/Ion Meter is modularly expandable with additional measurement parameters. Meter S500 Mettler Toledo SevenExcellence

Alfa Aesar™ ColorpHast™ Intermediate pH Strips


Mettler Toledo™ InLab™ Reference Half Cells

For routine applications and measurements in ion-selective and pH half-cells. Mettler Toledo InLab InLab Reference Half Cells Protects against organic and corrosive samples and is ideal for optimum silver ion-free accuracy at various sample temperatures. ELECTRODE INLAB REFERENCE FLOWS7-Anschluss

SI Analytics™ BlueLine pH Combination Electrode with Cylindrical Membrane

Ensure an accurate and fast measurement with precision manufacturing and high quality material. SI Analytics™ BlueLine pH Combination Electrode with Cylindrical Membrane features a gel electrolyte and plastic shaft for general use. PH ELECTRODE BLUELINE 28

Fisherbrand™ accumet™ Glass Body Mercury-Free Reference Electrodes

Mercury-free, refillable, TRIS-compatible reference electrodes Electrode calomel ref 30 inch lead

WTW™ TetraCon™ 325-15 Standard Conductivity Cell

The universally usable conductivity measuring cells by WTW set standard in the conductivity measurement. Their 4 electrode technology makes them insensitive to pollution, uninfluenced by polarization effects and therefore precise and reliable in any conditions. 4 CELLS CONDUCT. PROBE 15M CABLEintegriertem Temperaturfühler, 15 m Kabel

SI Analytics™ Double-Platinum Combination Electrode

Ideal for measurements that take place in small receptables. SI Analytics™ Double-Platinum Combination Electrode is are specially designed electrodes for the life science and pharmacy industries. MICRO-DOUBLE PLATINUM COMBINATION

Alfa Aesar™ Direct Methanol Fuel Cell (DMFC) Screener Membrane Electrode Assembly (MEA-5 layer), 50cm&superscript_2;

Active area: 50cm&superscript_2;, plus membrane border Direct Methanol Fuel Cell (DMFC) Screener Membrane Electrode Assembly (MEA-5 layer), Active Area 50c

Hamilton™ Lemo Polyplast Temp Electrode

POLILYTE LAB TEMP LEMOglass shaft operating temperature -10°C to80'C

Reagecon™ Color Coded High Resolution pH Buffer

Use color coded pH buffers for ease of use. Reagecon™ Color Coded High Resolution pH Buffers are tested at either 20°C or 25°C and are certified and NIST traceable. BUFFER HIGH RES PH 10,000 500ML

Mettler Toledo™ InLab™ Mono pH Half Cell Electrodes

For applications where life time of the pH electrode is significantly shorter than the reference electrode. ELECT PH HALF-CELLS INLAB MONOHA-Membranform, mit Steckkopf S7

Fisherbrand™ pH and Redox Electrode for Mounting Bracket

Maintenance-free ELECTRODE ORP 10 FT CABLE

Duratec Analysentechnik™ Cable


Mettler Toledo™ S210 SevenCompact™ pH, mV/ORP-Bio

This well-designed meter is the perfect choice for a wide range of applications without overstretching your budget. Mettler Toledo™ S210 SevenCompact™ pH, mV/ORP-Bio can also measure ORP. SevenCompact¢TM! pH meter S210, biotechnology kit

Testo™ 205 pH/Temperature Meter Starter Kit

Allows for the measurement of pH value and temperature in semi-solid media at the same time. PH / TEMPERATURE METER TESTO 205 WITH WALL HOLDER,TopSafe gel storage cap, pH4, pH7 buffers and

Thermo Scientific™ Orion™ DO Probe for lab or field

Use this dissolved oxygen probe as the name implies, either in the lab or field. The Thermo Scientific™ Orion™ DO Probe for Lab or Field is durable and accurate. DO2 PROBE 8 PIN FOR DO2 METER PHK-615-030V

Thermo Scientific™ Orion™ ROSS Ultra™ Low Maintenance pH/ATC Triode™ Combination Electrodes

Measure both pH and temperature in samples with the Thermo Scientific™ Orion™ ROSS Ultra™ Low Maintenance pH/ATC Triode™ Combination Electrodes. ELECTRODE ROSS ULTRA TRIODE EPOXY

Thermo Scientific™ Orion Star A Series Compact Printer

Orion Star A series compact ink ribbon printer 100-240V, includes printer, one ink ribbon, one paper roll, meter interface cable and power cords (110V US/Japan, 220V Euro, 240V UK/Singapore and China/Australia/New Zealand) ORION STAR A INK RIBBON PRINTER 110-240V

Fisherbrand™ accumet™ Mercury-free Conductivity Probes: Two Cell

For use with AR60, AR50, AR20, AB30 benchtop and AP65 portable meters CONDUCTIVITY CELL EPOXY 1.0CM

Fisherbrand™ accumet™ Liquid-Filled Epoxy Body pH Combination Electrodes: Mercury-Free

Single-junction Ag/AgCl flat surface model PH COMBINATION ELECTRODE SINGLE JUNCTIOn, flat surface, liquid filled Ag/AgCl internal

Fisherbrand™ pH/Pt1000 Electrode

This gel electrode with anti-shock epoxy body and protected head for the field is ideal for measuring 2 parameters pH and temperatures. PH/PT1000 ELECTRODE EPOXY BODY

Mettler Toledo™ Seven2Go™ Portable DO Meter: S4

Ideal for mobile applications in the laboratory, at-line, and outdoors Portable Dissolved Oxygen Meter S4-Meter only

Alfa Aesar™ Succinate, 0.2M buffer soln., pH 6.5

CAS: 150-90-3 Molecular Formula: C4H4Na2O4 Molecular Weight (g/mol): 162.052 MDL Number: MFCD00002789 InChI Key: ZDQYSKICYIVCPN-UHFFFAOYSA-L PubChem CID: 9020 ChEBI: CHEBI:63675 IUPAC Name: disodium;butanedioate SMILES: C(CC(=O)[O-])C(=O)[O-].[Na+].[Na+] 250ML Succinate, 0.2M buffer soln., pH 6.5 250ml

Fisherbrand™ Traceable™ Bench Conductivity Meter

Measures conductivity, resistivity, dissolved solids, salinity, concentration, and temperature; includes certificate of traceability to standards provided by NIST™. BENCH CONDUCTIVITY METER RANGES 0.01to 200,000 micromhos, 0.001 to 20.000 megohms,

Mettler Toledo™ DX Series ISE Half-Cell Membrane Kit: DX218-NH-4+


WTW™ Galvanic Dissolved Oxygen Sensors (universal)

Get accurate testing results for water and waterous solutions with these membrane-covered galvanic dissolved oxygen sensors that are low maintenance and no polarizarion time required. OXYGEN PROBE CELLOX 325 3M CABLEMeter Kabel

WTW™ Exchange Membrane Heads for Dissolved Oxygen Sensors

For use with DO sensors, these replacement heads for membrane-covered galvanic dissolved oxygen sensors, are ideal for measuring in water and waterous solutions. X3 EPL MEMBRANE CAP

Alfa Aesar™ Sodium citrate, 0.5M buffer soln., pH 5.5

500ML Sodium citrate, 0.5M buffer soln., pH 5.5 500ml