Sonicators, Homogenizers and Blenders

Fisherbrand™ Bead Mill Homogenizer Accessory, 2mL Hard Tissue Homogenizing Mix Tubes

For use with Fisher Scientific™ Bead Mill 4 and 24 Homogenizers. May also be used with most other commercial Bead Mills. Fisherbrand bead mill accessory, 2ml tube containing 2.8mm ceramic beads RNase/DNase free

KINEMATICA Polytron™ Generator 3mm

Ideal for use with microcentrifuge tube, the Kinematica Polytron Generator is excellent for homogenizing samples as small as 0.05mL. Dispersing tool PTDA03/2EC-E050 KINEMATICA AG

KINEMATICA Polytron™ PT1200E Handheld Homogenizer

Homogeniser Polytron PT1200E hand held with power

Spectrum™ Bessman Tissue Pulverizers

Consists of a 2 component mortar with handles and a pestle, specifically designed for pulverizing 10 - 1000 mg of tissue X1 Bessman Tissue Pulverizer, Medium

Model 120 Sonic Dismembrator

Programmable system ideal for small volume liquid processing. There are 3 probe size options available which allow for processing 0.2-50mL volumes. SONICATOR 120W 0.2-100ML W/PROBE 0.5-15MLgenerator, converter, cables, wrench set & manual

Polytron™ PT 1300 D Manual Disperser

Choose the KINEMATICA Polytron PT 1300 D for your lab. This versatile hand-held homogenizer combines quality, convenience and high performance for rapid, reproducible sample processing and consistent sample-to-sample uniformity. Electrical homogeniser PT1300D POLYTRON

Kimble™ Kontes™ Pellet Pestle™ Cordless Motor: Replacement Motor Adapter

Replacement parts for Kontes Pellet Pestle Cordless Motor ADAPTER PELLET PESTLE FOR MOTOR

KINEMATICA Polytron™ Standard Dispersing Aggregates

AGGREGATE DISPERSING FOR 2 - 250ML WORKING VOL,min vessel size 14mm ID 154 x 11.8mm (9mmtip dia)

Kinematica™ PT-DA 05/2EC-E085 Dispersing Tool

DISPERSING AGGREGATE POLYTRON PT-DA 05/2 EC-E0850.1 - 5 ml 80mm x 5.6mm (1 each)

IKA™ ULTRA-TURRAX™ T 25 Digital Disperser

Dispersion unit 65mmx240mm x80mm T25 IKA UK-Plug

KINEMATICA Polytron™ Homogenizer Base Stands

Accessory for PT 1200E homogenizers HOLDER SYSTEM POLYTRON HS1200E FOR HOMOGENISER (1each)

Fisherbrand™ Q700 Sonicator with Probe

Use this high powered sonicator for any application and sample volume. Fisherbrand™ Sonicators are ideal for cell disruption, nanoparticle dispersion, DNA shearing/ChIP and homogenization. SONICATOR 700W 0.2-1000ML W/PROBE 10-250MLgenerator, converter, cables, wrench set & manual

Stomacher™ Model 80 Blender


IKA™ Shaft for Ultra Turrax™

Shaft for Ultra Turrax T 18, S18N-19G

DWK Life Sciences Kimble™ Kontes™ Dounce Tissue Grinders

Designed for cellular work in which the nucleus remains intact after homogenization DOUNCE TISSUE GRINDER 100ML PER 1

Fisherbrand™ 4.7mm Micotip Probe

Designed especially for processing small sample volumes. Fisherbrand™ 4.7mm Microtip Probes screw into the threaded end of the standard 1/2 in. probe.

Fisherbrand™ Replacement Converter for Model 505 and 705 Sonic Dismembrator

Replacement 20kHz Converter for Model 505/705 Sonic Dismembrator CONVERTER FOR SONICATOR 500W 700Wreplacement part

Kimble™ Kontes™ Reusable Pellet Pestles™ Tissue Grinders

For use with 15mL micro centrifuge tubes REUSABLE CTFE-S/S PELLET FOR 15 ML

Fisherbrand™ Glass Vessel for PTFE Tissue Grinder

Use with plunger head for homogenizing tissue material. The glass vessel for PTFE tissue grinder is made from borosilicate glass. ELVEHJEM TISSUE GRINDER 5ML

Fisherbrand™ Probes for Models 505/705 Sonic Dismembrator

Probes for varying volumes PROBE 19.05MM 25-500ML W/REPLACEABLE TIPto 500mLprocessing volume

Kimble™ Kontes™ Pestle For All-Glass DUALL™ Tissue Grinders

Grinding efficiency is greatly improved when this tube is used. Available in sizes 20 - 23. PESTLE SIZE 20

Alfa Aesar™ Wig-L-Bug™ Mixing/Grinding Mill Accessory, Ball Pestles, 9.52mm Dia.

For use with Wig-L-Bug Mixing/Grinding Mill (AA42627KT) BALL PESTLE, CLEAR PLEXIGLAS, 3/8 DIAMETER25PIECES

Alfa Aesar™ Wig-L-Bug™ Mixing/Grinding Mill Accessory, Adapter

For use with Wig-L-Bug Mixing/Grinding Mill (AA44204KT and AA44604KT) Adapter for 1 long, 0.5 diameter vials 1each

Fisherbrand™ 1 in. Replacement Tip for Model 505 and 705 Sonic Dismembrator

Replacement tip for replaceable tip probes REPLACEMENT TIP 12.7MM

Fisherbrand™ Sound Enclosure for Models 505/705 Sonic Dismembrators

Sound Enclosure for Model 505/705 Sonic Dismembrator. Sonic Dismembrators are extremely loud devices that can cause discomfort to the user and anyone nearby. The Sound Enclosure reduces noise by approximately 20 dBa and is made to work with all accessories. In addition to reducing noise, the Sound Enclosure has an internal support rod and converter mounting system. Any Fisherbrand probe or horn will be held safely and securely inside the unit. Sound Enclosure

Fisherbrand™ 1/4 in. Probe for Model 50 and 120 Sonic Dismembrator

1/4 in. Probe for processing 10 - 50 mL volumes MICROTIP PROBE 6.3MM 5-50MLfor Sonicator 120W

Fisherbrand™ 150 and 850 Hand Held Homogenizer Accessory, Plastic Disposable Generator Probe

Compatible with Fisher Scientific™ 150 and 850 Homogenizers. Fisher Scientific™ 150 and 850 Hand Held Homogenizer Accessory, Plastic Disposable Generator Probe is ideal for applications where cross contamination is a concern. Adapter required for use. Fisherbrand Plastic Generator Probes 50 pack Compatible with 150 Homogenizer

Qsonica Ultrasonic Homogenizer Converters

Qsonica Ultrasonic Homogenizer Converter works with either the Microson XL2000 or the Sonicator 3000 Ultrasonic Homogenizers to transform electrical signals into mechanical vibrations. CONVERTER CABLE FOR SONICATOR 500W

Kimble™ Solid Borosilicate Glass Beads for Distillation Columns

Resist attack by liquids or vapors 13500-5, Beads, Solid Glass, Borosilicate 5mm3000 per case

Fisherbrand™ 850 Homogenizer Accessory, Generator Probe

Stainless-steel generator probe; Fisher Scientific™ 850 Homogenizer Accessory, Generator Probe is compatible with Fisher Scientific 850 Homogenizers. Fisherbrand 30x195mm Stainless Steel Probe Wide Window Compatible with 850 Homogenizer