Electrophoresis, Western Blotting and ELISA

Thermo Scientific™ SuperSignal™ West Femto Chemiluminescent Substrate

Ultra-sensitive enhanced chemiluminescent (ECL) HRP substrate for low-femtogram-level detection by Western blot analysis. SUPERSIGNAL WEST FEMTO CHEMILUMINESCENT SUBSTRATETrial kit, SuperSignal 20mL Store in Fridge at 4C

Thermo Scientific™ 6X DNA Loading Dye

Prepare DNA markers and samples for loading on agarose or polyacrylamide gels with Thermo Scientific™ 6X DNA Loading Dye. X5 6X DNA LOADING DYE, COMPOSITION: 10MM TRIS-HCL(pH7.6), 0.03% bromophenol blue, 0.03% xylene

Thermo Scientific™ PageRuler™ Prestained 10-180kDa Protein Ladder

Mixture of 10 blue-, orange- and green-stained proteins (10 to 180kDa) used as size standards in protein electrophoresis (SDS-PAGE) and Western blotting. X10 PageRuler(TM) Prestained Protein

Hoefer™ Gel Casters for Mini Vertical Electrophoresis Systems

Easy-to-use casters GEL CASTER HOEFER 4-GEL, TANK TYPE, VERTICAL,plate size 100mm x 105mm

Invitrogen™ Novex™ SimplyBlue™SafeStain

Less hazardous and does not require methanol or acetic acid fixatives or destains PROTEIN STAIN, SIMPLYBLUE(TM) SAFESTAIN FAST,specific and safe coomassie protein stain with

Invitrogen™ Novex™ NuPAGE™ MOPS SDS Running Buffer (20X)

Made with high-purity reagents and are strictly quality controlled NUPAGE MOPS 20XRUN BUF

Invitrogen™ Novex™ SeeBlue™ Plus2 Pre-stained Protein Standard

Allows you to easily visualize protein molecular weight ranges during electrophoresis and quickly evaluate Western transfer efficiency 500 UL PRE-STAINED PROTEIN STANDARD COLOUREDstandard for SDS-PAGESeeBlue(r) Plus2 500µL store

Invitrogen™ DYNAL™ Dynabeads™ Streptavidin Trial Kit

Economical trial kit lets you test Dynabeads in your application DYNAL STREPTAVIDIN TRIAL KITStreptavidin-coupled Dynabeads® is the gold

Invitrogen™ iBlot™ 2 Starter Kit

The iBlot 2 Starter kit includes the iBlot 2 Gel Transfer Device as well as iBlot 2 Transfer Stacks (nitrocellulose) - everything needed to perform a rapid dry transfer of proteins from a gel to a membrane. IBLOT2 STARTER KIT 1 KIT

Invitrogen™ Bolt™ 12% Bis-Tris, 1.0 mm, Mini Protein Gel, 15-well

Separation Range: 10 to 80 kDa (MOPS Buffer), 3.5 to 40 kDa (MES Buffer); Separation Type: Denaturing (MES Running Buffer, MOPS Buffer); For Use With: Mini Gel Tank, XCell SureLock Mini X10 Bolt 12 percent Bis-Tris Plus Gels, 15-well

Thermo Scientific™ Pierce™ Standard Binding Streptavidin Coated Plates

Capture biotinylated antibodies or probes for ELISA and other target-specific assays with pre-blocked streptavidin-coated plates. X5 Microplate strip Pierce Reacti-Bind StreptavidiPlates, Clear, 5 Plates

Invitrogen™ Novex™ NuPAGE™ LDS Sample Buffer (4X)


Invitrogen™ Insulin Mouse ELISA Kit

Sandwich ELISA Kit Insulin ELISA kit, mouse (96 assays)

Invitrogen™ Novex™ MagicMark™ XP Western Protein Standard, Unstained

Specifically designed for easy and convenient protein molecular weight estimation directly on Western blots 50 UL MAGICMARK XP WESTERN PROTEIN STANDARD (20-220 kDa) 50µL store at -20°C

Invitrogen™ MMP1 Human ELISA Kit

Sandwich ELISA Kit MMP-1 ELISA Kit, Human (96 assays)

Hoefer™ Combs for SE 250, SE 260, or miniVE Vertical Electrophoresis Units

Made from plastics that are highly resistant to acids, bases, and all commonly used buffer systems Comb. Preparative, 1.5mm thick, 1 sample well, 1 reference well for SE250/260/300

Invitrogen™ Novex™ XCell SureLock™ Replacement Parts

For the XCell SureLock Mini Blot Module LID, XCELL SURELOCKReplacement Parts for Electrophoresis Apparatus

Thermo Scientific™ Pierce™ ECL 2 Western Blotting Substrate

Recommended HRP substrate for fluorescence imagers X3 Pierce ECL 2 Western Blotting substrate, 3 x100mL kit for 3000 sq.cm of membrane 30 minigels

Invitrogen™ eBioscience™ Foxp3 / Transcription Factor Staining Buffer Set

Formulated and optimized for staining with antibodies against transcription factors and nuclear proteins (e.g. Foxp3 and Ki-67), cytokines and chemokines eBioscience Foxp3 Staining Buffer Set FP=kit

Invitrogen™ IgE Mouse Uncoated ELISA Kit

Uncoated ELISA Kit X10 Mouse IgE ELISA Ready-SET-Go| (supplied as 10x 96 tests)

Invitrogen™ NuPAGE™ 3 to 8% Tris-Acetate, 1.5 mm, Mini Protein Gel, 15-well

Separation Range: 40 to 500 kDa (TA Buffer); Separation Type: Denaturing (Tris-Acetate Running Buffer), Native (Tris-Glycine Running Buffer); For Use With: Mini Gel Tank, XCell SureLock Mini X10 Tris-acetate gel Invitrogen(tm) NuPAGE(r)

Invitrogen™ Novex™ Sharp Pre-stained Protein Standard

Designed for accurate, easy, and convenient molecular weight estimation of a wide range of molecular weight proteins during SDS-PAGE and Western blotting SHARP PRE-STAINED PROTEIN STANDARD. THE SHARPEST,Most Accurate Pre-stained MW Standard for Protein

Thermo Scientific™ Pierce™ Streptavidin HRP Conjugate, High Sensitivity

Amplify signal in Western blot, ELISA or other biotin-based detection methods with this exclusive, high signal-to-noise, peroxidase-conjugated, ready-to-use streptavidin. HIGH SENSIT STREP-HRP,(1MG/ML)5ML

Thermo Scientific™ PageRuler™ Unstained Protein Ladder

A mixture of seven native proteins (14.4 to 116kDa) for use as size standards in protein electrophoresis (SDS-PAGE). X2 PageRuler(TM) Unstained Protein (2 x 250 uL)

Thermo Scientific™ Pierce™ Poly-HRP Streptavidin

An advanced polymer of HRP conjugated to streptavidin with a high HRP:streptavidin ratio 250 UL Poly-HRP Streptavidin 250µL Store at -20°C.

Invitrogen™ Bolt™ 4 to 12% Bis-Tris, 1.0 mm, Mini Protein Gel, 10-well

Separation Range: 15 to 260 kDa (MOPS Buffer), 3.5 to 160 kDa (MES Buffer); Separation Type: Denaturing (MES Running Buffer, MOPS Buffer); For Use With: Mini Gel Tank, XCell SureLock Mini X10 Bolt 4-12 percent Bis-Tris Plus Gels, 10-well

Thermo Scientific™ SuperBlock™ Blocking Buffers

Block membranes, plates and tissue samples with these optimized solutions containing a protein that provides fast and effective blocking for Western blot, ELISA and IHC. 1 LT T20 (PBS) BLOCKING BUFFER, SUPERBLOCK 1LStore in fridge at 4C

Invitrogen™ NuPAGE™ 4 to 12% Bis-Tris, 1.0 mm, Midi Protein Gel, 26-well

Separation Range: 15 to 260 kDa (MOPS Buffer), 3.5 to 160 kDa (MES Buffer); Separation Type: Denaturing (MES Running Buffer, MOPS Buffer); For Use With: Midi Gel Tank, XCell4 SureLock Midi NP MIDI 4-12BT GEL, 26W

Invitrogen™ Novex™ iBlot™ 2 Nitrocellulose Transfer Stacks

Used to transfer proteins with the iBlot 2 Gel Transfer Device X10 iBlot® 2 Transfer Stacks, nitrocelluloseregular size

Thermo Scientific™ Pierce™ PVDF Membranes

Enable high protein and nucleic acid binding capacity with sheets and rolls of high-quality polyvinylidene difluoride (PVDF) membrane. X10 PVDF Transfer Membrane, 0.45µm 100mm x 100mm