Benchtop Centrifuges

Thermo Scientific™ Megafuge 40 TX-750 Microplate Centrifuge Package

Process 40% more 50mL conical tubes or 100% more blood tubes. Centrifuge R+D pack

Hettich™ ROTANTA 460 R Centrifuge

Advanced laboratory technology makes a significant contribution to shortening processing times. ROTANTA Centrifuges are ideal for sample processing in clinics and laboratory centers. REFRIG. CENTRIFUGE ROTANTA 460R

Eppendorf™ Centrifuge 5920 R (EU-IVD) Refrigerated

Features extraordinary high capacity and performance EU-IVD Centrifuge 5920R, 230V EU-Plug, w/rotor S-4xUniversal- Large and adapters 13/16mm tubes

Thermo Scientific™ ST16R TX-400 Cell Culture Centrifuge Package

Exceptional capacity, ergonomic features and value. PACK CENTRI ST16R TX400 R&DPackage contains :Centrifuge Sorvall ST 16R, 230v,

Corning™ High Speed Microcentrifuge

high speed microcentrifuge,230V-UK plug

Thermo Scientific™ SL40FR Bioliner Greiner Clinical Centrifuge Package

Excellent ergonomics and high performance unit for daily sample preparation. SL 40FR BIO GREINER Clinical Package

Eppendorf CE-IVD 5910R Refrigerated Centrifuge

High-capacity, versatile, refrigerated centrifuge with a main swing-bucket rotor that holds conical tubes and plates. CE-IVD Cooled Centrifuge 5910R, 230V, EU-plug, w/rotor S-4x and adapters (5/15/50ml, microplate)

Hettich Lab Technology™ Microlitre Centrifuge


Fisherbrand™ Mini-Centrifuge 100-240V, 50/60Hz Universal Plug, Grey

Tool-free rotors and quick-spin options make the Fisherbrand Mini-Centrifuge fast and easy to use. The locking lid is functionally designed to fit in the palm of the hand for easy repeat opening and quick tube extraction. 
Mini centrifuge, includes rotors and power adapter with 4 interchangeable plugs

Eppendorf Microcentrifuge 5430 G with Keypad

Versatile general laboratory microcentrifuge that accepts 8 different rotors. non-IVD Centrifuge 5430 G, 230V, EU-plug, w/30x2ml rotor

Eppendorf™ Rotors for Centrifuge 5427 R

Aerosol-tight with Eppendorf QuickLock™ Angle rotor hermetic FA-45-12-17 12xEppendorf 5ml

Eppendorf™ 5810 Centrifuges with A-4-81 Model Rotor

Use this centrifuge for medium- to high-throughput applications. Eppendorf™ 5810 Centrifuges combine extraordinary versatility and capacity for both tubes and plates with an extraordinary compact footprint. CE-IVD Centrifuge 5810 G, 230V, EU-plug, w/rotor A-4-81 and 15/50ml adapters

Fisherbrand™ Midi Centrifuge

Achieve max speed with minimum space. Fisherbrand™ Midi Centrifuge is ideal for protocols calling for fast spins with a higher RCF requirement. Ideal for micro-filter cell separations, PCR, clinical applications and HPLC protocols. Includes two rotors: standard 12-place rotor with lid and eight-place strip rotor for four 0.2mL tube strips or 32 single tubes. Centrifuge midi-compact, 12-place standard

Thermo Scientific™ SL40 TX-1000 and Highconic Centrifuge Package

Excellent ergonomics and high performance unit for daily sample preparation. SL 40 TX-1000 and HIGHConic II Package

Thermo Scientific™ SL40R TX-1000 Cell Culture Centrifuge Package

Excellent ergonomics and high performance unit for daily sample preparation. SL40R TX-1000 R&D PACK

Eppendorf Cooled Microcentrifuge 5430R G with Dial

Versatile general laboratory, cooled microcentrifuge that accepts 8 different rotors. non-IVD Cooled Centrifuge 5430R G, w/knob, 230V, EU-plug, w/o rotor

Corning™ LSE™ Compact Centrifuges

Corning™ LSE™ Compact Centrifuges are space-saving solutions ideal for use in life science and industrial research laboratories. compact centrifuge, 230V UK plug

Thermo Scientific™ Legend X1 TX-400 Cell Culture + Highconic Pack

1L units offering amazing high-performance processing, capacity and throughput. LEGEND X1 TX-400 Cell Cul + HIGHCONIC PACK

Thermo Scientific™ SL40F TX-1000 and F13-14X50C Centrifuge Package

Excellent ergonomics and high performance unit for daily sample preparation. SL 40F TX-1000 and F13-14x50cy Package

Eppendorf™ 5804 Centrifuges with S-4-72 Model Rotor

Use this centrifuge for molecular applications in tubes up to 250mL. Eppendorf™ 5804 Centrifuges offer additional swing-bucket and fixed-angle rotors and deepwell plate capacity for increased versatility. CE-IVD Centrifuge 5804 G, 230V, EU-plug, w/rotor S-4-72 and 15/50 mL adapters

Fisherbrand™ GT2 Benchtop Centrifuge Packs

The mid-sized Fisherbrand™ GT2 Benchtop Centrifuge provides speed and versatility, reaching 4238xg for fast and efficient separations Fisherbrand Centrifuge pack GT2 230 V 50/60 HzThe pack contains a TX-400 rotor with 4x400 ml and

Eppendorf™ 5702R Centrifuges with A-4-38 Model Rotor

Meet the requirement of low- to mid-throughput clinical research and cell culture labs with these low speed, general purpose centrifuges. Eppendorf™ 5702 R Centrifuges are ideal for processing and analyzing samples from the human body in in-vitro diagnostic applications. CE-IVD Cooled Centrifuge 5702R G, 230V, EU-plug, w/rotor A-4-38 and 13/16mm adapters

Thermo Scientific™ SL16R TX-400 Greiner Clinical Centrifuge Package

Excellent ergonomics and high performance unit for daily sample preparation. SL 16R TX-400 GREINER Clinical Package

Eppendorf™ Centrifuge 5427 R

For high sample throughput CE-IVD Cooled Centrifuge 5427R G, 230V, EU-plug, w/30x2ml rotor

Eppendorf Centrifuge 5702 G

Low-speed, universally applicable centrifuge for low to medium throughput in cell culture. non-IVD Centrifuge 5702 G, 230V, EU-plug, w/rotorA-4-38 and 15/50ml adapters

Hettich™ ROTINA 420 R Centrifuge

Well equipped for all centrifuging applications. ROTINA 420 R Centrifuges are ideal for applications in clinical chemistry, in biotechnology and in life science research facilities. ROTINA 420 R BENCHTOP CENTRIFUGE R 208 - 240V

Labnet™ Prism™ Mini Centrifuge

A compact and economical choice for centrifuges, allowing each workstation to be equipped with a personal centrifuge. Labnet™ Prism™ Mini Centrifuges are suitable for a wide range of molecular biology separations and quick spins.

Eppendorf™ Cooled Centrifuge 5920 R (EU-IVD)

Eppendorf™ Cooled Centrifuge 5920 R (EU-IVD) features extraordinary high capacity and performance, making it the ideal instrument for high-throughput applications. CE-IVD Cooled Centrifuge 5920R G, 230V, EU-plug, w/rotor S-4x1000, round buckets, 15/50ml adapters

Ohaus Frontier&trade 5000 Series Multi Pro Centrifuge

Powerful and versatile universal centrifuge suitable for virtually every laboratory application. Centrifuge Multi, 230V, FC5718

Thermo Scientific™ SL40FR TX-1000 and F14-6X250LE Centrifuge Package

Excellent ergonomics and high performance unit for daily sample preparation. SL 40FR TX-1000 and F14-6x250 LE Package