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Thermo Scientific™ Hypersil™ PREP HS C8 HPLC Columns

Use these preparative columns for scale-up purification with high phase loading. They are suitable for all USP-L7 applications.

Brand:  Thermo Scientific™ 41105-059270XL

Additional Details : Weight : 3.00000kg

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Get maximum loading for your scale up from analytical to a prep LC method with Thermo Scientific™ Hypersil™ PREP HS C8 reversed phase preparative HPLC column. With similar selectivity to C18 columns and predictable elution order, C8 columns are ideal for analytes with medium hydrophobicity or when a less hydrophobic phase is required to obtain optimum retention. The lower hydrophobicity allows compounds to elute more quickly, yielding faster separations. By providing high surface area particles with a 100Å pore size, and a variety of dimensions including an option for XtendedLife hardware, which improves column lifetime by maintaining a uniform packed bed.

Similar selectivity, less retention than C18 columns

  • Successful retention and separation of moderately hydrophobic analytes.
  • Ideal for fatty acids, which are too hydrophobic for analysis using C18 columns.
  • C8 (USP L7) selectivity - high surface area particle with 100Å pore size.
  • pH stable from 2 to 8.
  • Maximum temperature of 60°C.

Faster separations

  • Higher analytical throughput compared to C18 alkyl chain chemistry.
  • Quicker compound elution due to reduced hydrophobic interactions.

Preparative HPLC Column Hardware Options - based on column inner diameter (i.d.) and column performance needs.

Standard Threaded and Standard Flange Hardware

  • Designed for standard applications, expertly packed and robustly designed to provide versatile products for routine use.
  • Standard threaded hardware for column i.d. < 40mm.
  • Standard flange hardware for column i.d. ≥ 40mm.
  • Standard hardware can be modified on request to be compatible with SFC.

XtendedLife Hardware

  • Improves column lifetime by incorporating an internal Dynamic Axial Compression (DAC) system, ensuring the media bed is continuously packed tightly.
  • Compatible with SFC and is available in dimensions up to 50mm i.d.

Preparative Guards are a proven and cost effective way to extend the lifetime of your prep column. Our preparative guard columns require the use of a preparative guard holder.

Customer Specific Orders

  • If there is a Thermo Scientific stationary phase you are currently using and would like to obtain in a preparative scale not shown or would like to discuss a specific column dimension, we would be happy to discuss your requirements.
  • Please contact your local sales representative for Customer Specific Orders.
  • Custom built columns are not eligible for returns.


Preparative Column, XtendedLife
50 mm
5 μm
100 Å
25 mm
3500 psi (240 bar)
2 to 8
350 m²/g
Spherical, Fully Porous, Ultrapure Silica
Reversed Phase
Reversed Phase




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