Incubators, Hot Plates, Baths and Heating

Thermo Scientific™ Forma™ Filter Kit

For Use With: Forma Steri-cycle, Series 310 direct heat, Series II Water jacketed CO2 Incubator

Fisher Scientific™ Bath Circulator Fluids

For use with Isotemp Baths and Chillers

Thermo Scientific™ Replacement HEPA Main Filter

For Use With: For Water Jacket models, Steri-cycle and direct heat models (31X, 32X, 37X & 38X) and 8000 Series Incubators

Thermo Scientific™ Digital Dry Baths/Block Heaters

Increase lab versatility with the Thermo Scientific™ digital dry baths/block heaters.

Julabo™ Aqua Stabil™ Water Bath Protective Media

Julabo™ Aqua Stabil™ Water Bath Protective Media stops growth of algae, bacteria and other microorganisms with its bactericidal effectiveness.

Thermo Scientific™ Block, 0.5 mL and 0.2 mL

For Use With: Thermo Scientific™ Digital and Touch Screen Dry Baths/Block Heaters (No compact models)

Thermo Scientific™ Decontamination Kit

For Use With: For Water Jacket CO2 Incubators

Eppendorf™ ThermoMixer™ C Accessory: Smartblock™ Thermoblocks

Maintain accurate uniform temperatures with these thermoblocks. Eppendorf™ Smartblock™ Thermoblocks are compatible with Eppendorf ThermoMixer™ C, and support a broad range of applications.

Eppendorf™ CellXpert™ C170i

The CellXpert C170i CO2 incubator provides reliable growth conditions (fast recovery, uniform temperature, fanless design) for more reproducible results and the fanless design makes cleaning easy. It also provides up to 25 % more usable space and many smart features with the VisioNize™ touch interface.

Thermo Scientific™ Polar Series Accel 500 LC Cooling/Heating Recirculating Chillers

Polar Series Accel 500 LC Cooling/Heating Recirculating Chillers offer 500 watts of cooling, with a working temperature range of −10° to +80°C.

Fisherbrand™ AREX Hot Plate Stirrer with VTF, 370°C, Aluminum

Stirring Range: 1500 rpm; Size: 6.1 in. dia.

Thermo Scientific™ PT1000 Temperature Probe

For Use With: Thermo Scientific™ Touch Screen Dry Baths/Block Heaters

Thermo Scientific™ Replacement HEPA Filter

For Use With: Heracell VIOS 160i/250i and Forma Steri-cycle i160/i250

Thermo Scientific™ Block, 6 x 1.5 mL

For Use With: Thermo Scientific™ Compact Dry Bath/Block Heater

Thermo Scientific™ Heratherm™ General Protocol Ovens - 230VAC 50/60Hz

Carry out daily laboratory work with Thermo Scientific™ Heratherm™ General Protocol Ovens, featuring temperature uniformity, easy settings and low energy consumption.

HUBER™ Visco 3 Clear View Bath Circulator

Visco thermostats are suitable for measurement tasks using capillary viscometers or for use of densitometers. The devices offer the highest temperature stability for optimal temperature distribution in the thermostat bath.

HUBER™ KISS K15 Refrigerated Heating Bath

Cooling bath thermostats with insulated cooling baths are an economic solution for thermoregulation of objects directly in the thermostat bath. The units are suitable for a typical heating and cooling tasks such as sample temperature control, materials testing, quality control, analyses, etc.

Thermo Scientific™ Precision™ Circulating Water Baths

Achieve outstanding temperature uniformity for your samples with perimeter-directed water flow on Precision circulating water baths. Featuring advanced temperature controller.

Thermo Scientific™ Cimarec+™ Stirring Hotplates Series

Get precise stirring control, exceptional safety and temperature performance for your routine protocols.

Thermo Scientific™ Precision™ General Purpose Baths

Support a wide range of applications with general purpose water baths, designed to maintain temperature from ambient to 100°C. High-performance baths range from 2L to 28L.

Fisherbrand™ Isotemp™ Cooling/Heating Recirculating Chiller, 230V 50Hz

Designed with a focus on high performance, small footprint and quiet operation.

Memmert™ Stability ICH Climate Chamber, 108 L, Stainless Steel

Temperature Range: -10°C to +60°C; Relative Humidity (RH): 10 to 80%; Light: Illumination Unit

Memmert™ Stability ICH Climate Chamber, 108 L, Stainless Steel

Temperature Range: -10°C to +60°C; Relative Humidity (RH): 10 to 80%; Light: Optional Illumination Unit

Grant Instruments™ Interchangeable Block for QB Series Dry Block Heaters

For use with 0.2mL tubes, strips and 96-well microtitre plates used in molecular biology and biotechnology applications. Grant Instruments™ Interchangeable Block for QB Series Dry Block Heaters can withstand temperatures up to 100°C.

Integra Biosciences™ Flameboy Gas Cartridge Adapter

Use this adaptor with Flameboy™ Sterilizing Pistols. Integra Biosciences™ Gas Cartridge Adapters are easily mounted via an intelligent “click and go” mechanism.

ThermoFlex™ Recirculating Chillers

Optimized for the most demanding applications, high-performance ThermoFlex Recirculating Chillers are reliable, easy-to-use and easy-to-maintain.

Thermo Scientific™ ThermoChill I Low Range - PD1, RS232

Support applications requiring temperatures of -10 °C to 30 °C