Nickel Electro™ Aluminum Basins with Lids

Made of durable aluminum, these Nickel Electro™ Aluminum Basins with Lid  are ideal in laboratory environments. Aluminium basin flat bottom with lid 11mL capacity75mm (d) x 25mm (h)

DWK Life Sciences Wheaton™ Staining Jars and Accessories

Staining Jars and Accessories X2 Slide Grip

Nickel Electro™ Aluminum Basin with Drop In Lid


Pyrex™ Borosilicate Glass Flat Bottom Evaporating Dishes

Manufactured from Pyrex™ borosilicate glass and complies to DIN 12336 standards. Pyrex™ Borosilicate Glass Flat Bottom Evaporating Dishes are highly resistant to chemical erosion and thermal shock. Flat base with curved sides and spout provide easy handling and helps to prevent spillage. X10 170ML FLAT EVAPORATING DISH

Fisherbrand™ Pour-Boat Antistatic Weighing Dishes

Provide accurate pour-outs with minimal sample loss. Fisherbrand™ Pour-Boat Antistatic Weighing Dishes are polystyrene boats featuring smooth surfaces. X500 Pour-boat weighing dishes, antistatic, small, white

Scientific Glass Labs™ Soda Lime Glass Watch Glasses

Manufactured from Soda lime glass. Scientific Glass Labs™ Soda Lime Glass Watch Glasses with thin, clear glass and ground edge can be used to evaporate liquids, hold solids for weighing, or for heating small substances. X10 WATCH GLASSES,THIN CLEAR GLASS,WITH GROUND

Thermo Scientific™ Sterilin™ 30 to 140mm Petri Dishes

Save incubator space with Thermo Scientific™ Sterilin™ 30 to 140mm Petri Dishes. These small dishes are suitable for most applications. X800 petri dish PS aseptic 30mm 3 vents subpack of 10

Pyrex™ Crystallizing Dish with Spout

Manufactured from Pyrex™ borosilicate glass for excellent chemical and thermal resistance. Pyrex™ Borosilicate Crystallizing Dishes with Spout provide a superior device for maximum evaporation to occur. X10 CRYSTALLISING DISH+SPOUT 2L

Brand™ Polystyrene Petri Dishes

Constructed of polystyrene.BRAND™ Polystyrene Petri Dishes and their lids are assembled robotically to reduce the risk of contamination. Transparent, with disposable lid. Lids are available with or without venting. X480 Disposable petri dish, PS, with lidlid dia. 94mm overall h. 16mm w/o vent

Greiner Bio-One™ Polystyrene Petri Dishes

Manufactured from highly transparent polystyrene for its heat resistant properties to enable use with hot agar. Greiner BioOne™ Polystyrene Petri Dishes are available in a wide variety of formats and sizes to accommodate multiple research needs. 25LT ELMA LABCLEAN N10

Cole Parmer™ Weighing Dishes with Pour Spout, White, 500/Pk

Excellent for weighing static-affected materials. X500 WEIGHING VESSELS SM

Nickel Electro™ Nickel 201 Dish Lids

Nickel Electro™ Nickel 201 Dish Lids are made to resist corrosive enviroments, which make it useful for maintaining product purity. LID,90MM DIA,NICKEL

Thermo Scientific™ Nunc™ Square BioAssay Dishes

Screen large numbers of colonies for cloning experiments, culturing bacteria, fungi and agar diffusion assays using Thermo Scientific™ Nunc™ Squre BioAssay dishes.

X16 Nunc Bio-assay dish with lid radiation sterili

Alfa Aesar™ Aluminum Dish and Cover, Flat Bottom and Straight Sides


Alfa Aesar™ Aluminum Dish, Flat Bottom and Straight Sides


Haldenwanger™ Porcelain Incinerating Dishes

Use these dishes for a variety of applications. Haldenwanger™ Porcelain Incinerating Dishes feature a smooth internal finish, constructed from optimized laboratory porcelain. X40 Incinerating dishes porcelain, flat, round D 37 mm

Kartell™ High Impact Polystyrene Balance Boats

Provide an easy and inexpensive system for weighing any medium. X1000 balance boats 100ml 78,5x78,5x23mm white

Duran™ Steriplan Soda-lime Petri Dishes

Manufactured from soda-lime glass. DURAN™ Steriplan Soda-lime Petri Dishes are hydrolytical class III, i.e. resistance against water. X10 STERIPLAN Petri dish, 200 x 45 mm, soda-lime-glass

Fisherbrand™ Polystyrene Petri Dishes, Sterile

X600 Petri Dish 90 X 16.2MM Sterile Triple Vent

Duran™ BoroSilicate Crystallizing Dishes

Without spout or print. DURAN™ BoroSilicate Crystallizing Dishes have good thermal shock resistance. X10 DURAN Crystallizing dish, without spout, withprint, 60ML

Cole-Parmer™ Polystyrene Petri Dish


Fisherbrand™ Polystyrene Square-Shaped Antistatic Weighing Boat

Weigh and pour samples with ease. Fisherbrand™ Polystyrene Square Shaped Antistatic Weighing Boat folds easily and features a smooth surface and round corners for easy pouring. Choose the size and color that works best for your needs. Disposable and durable. X500 Weighboat, square, antistatic, polystyrene, white,

Nickel Electro™ Metalware Range™ Stainless Steel Evaporating Bowl with Spout

Immune to sterilizing solutions and a wide variety of inorganic chemicals. Nickel Electro™ Metalware Range™ Stainless Steel Evaporating Bowl with Spout is quick to clean with an attractive shiny appearance making it the choice for applications requiring sterile surfaces. BASIN STAINLESS STEEL ROUND BOTTOM WITH SPOUT250ML 100X40MM

Haldenwanger™ Porcelain Evaporating Dishes

Use these dishes for a variety of applications. Haldenwanger™ Porcelain Evaporating Dishes feature a smooth internal finish, constructed from optimized laboratory porcelain. Evaporating dish porcelain DIN 12903 form A, flatD 125 mm

Fisherbrand™ Aluminum Weighing Dishes with Fluted Sides

Designed for moisture determination balances. Fisherbrand™ Aluminum Weighing and Drying Dish is ideal for general purpose weighing, storage, processing or drying. Extra large, light-weight aluminum dishes measure 108mm diameter. Includes 50 disposable, stackable dishes per pack. X100 Weighing boats Fisherbrand aluminium large

Kartell™ Disposable Petri Dishes

Prevent condensation with this ventilated petri dish. Kartell™ Disposable Petri Dishes are best for preventing condensation and ideal for use in routine lab work and bacteriological research. X500 petri dishes ø100mm 3 vents sterile

Brand™ Antistatic Weighing Dishes, Diamond-shaped

Manufactured from high-impact polystyrene. BRAND™ Antistatic Weighing Dishes, Diamond-shaped with light and flat design are ideal for weighing. Antistatic surface prevents materials from sticking. Wall thickness is approximately 0.2mm. X500 Weighing dish, PS, diamond shape 100ml, 120 x90 x 17mm

Duran™ Borosilicate Crystallizing Dishes with Spout

Includes spout. DURAN™ BoroSilicate Crystallizing Dishes with Spout have good thermal shock resistance. X10 Crystallizing dish, with spout, 3500 ml

Thermo Scientific™ Sterilin™ Weighing Boats

Form a funnel for easy pouring and complete sample transfer using the new and improved Thermo Scientific™ Sterilin™ Weighing Boats, featuring radiused corners. X500 7ml Square Weighboat, Black

Gosselin™ Polystrene Petri Dish

Includes a 10mm x 10mm numbered grid marked 1 to 4 and A to D for easy calculation of the colony units percm2. Gosselin™ Polystrene Petri Dish have a grip lid that remains on the dish during transport and during drop accidents, limiting contamination risks. X176 Round Petri plate PS natural 3 ventsH20.6 Ø140, easy to open, sterile