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Thermo Scientific™ EPD Electronic Personal Dosimeters

This product has been discontinued and replaced with the EPD TruDose Electronic Personal Dosimeter.

Brand:  Thermo Scientific™ EPD/1/62921/422

Additional Details : Weight : 0.99000kg

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Product Code. 10015884

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  • Ideal for use with reactors, spent fuel and glass waste transport, reprocessing and plutonium finishing, mixed oxide and neutron source manufacturing, nuclear research, and medical facilities
  • Advanced radiological performance: 25 keV to 10MeV (photon); thermal to 15MeV (neutron)
  • Multiple diode detectors with converters and energy compensation shields
  • Direct display of Hp(10) for neutron and for photons
  • Outstanding immunity to electromagnetic interference
  • Stores 500 dose data point for g and neutron dose with date and time; 10-year data retention without battery
  • Lightweight yet rugged case withstands 5ft. (1.5m) drop onto concrete on each surface
  • Dose display and storage: 0μSv to > 16Sv, autoranging
  • Resolution for display: 1μSv (< 10mSv/1rem) ( γ, and neutron under best conditions)
  • Resolution for storage: 1/64μSv (∽1.5μrem) (γ), 1μSv for neutron dose under best conditions
  • Dose rate display: 0μSv/h to > 4Sv/h (400rem/h), autoranging, variable resolution
  • Communications: IR interface, < 1m range (39in.)
  • Display and enabled functions controlled by button on front face of EPD (button recessed and sealed)
  • Angular response: Hp(10) (γ) ± 20% up to ± 75° Cs137; Hp(10) (n) ± 30% up to ± 60°
  • AmBe
  • Protection rating: IP55 (protection against dust ingress and low pressure jets of water from all directions)
  • Vibration: IEC 1283 (2g, 15 min.,10-33Hz)

Ordering Information:

One AA alkaline battery typically provides 42 days of continuous use; lithium, 4.5 to 5 months.



Hp(10) (g) 10% Cs137; Hp(10) (n) 20% AmBe
Single AA battery, 1.5V alkaline or 3.6V lithium,
EPD-N2 PTB Gamma-Neutron Dosimeter
0 to > 1600Rem/hr
20 to 90, non-condensing %
-25° to +70°C
Hp(10) (g) 10% Cs137, Hp(10) (n) 20% AmBe
Personal Dosimeter
Audible and visual alarms configurable via external software; typically 98-100 dB(A) at 20cm on 4 kHz 'loud' setting
Generally in accordance with ANSI standards 13.11, 13.27 and 42.20 (photons performance) and most aspects of IEC 61525 (neutrons and photons); EMI/EMC: Exceeds MIL STD 461D RS103; IEC 1283 and IEC 61525; IP55 rated for ingress protection
Sv and rem (with prefixes µ, m), set via internal
0 to > 400Rem/hr
-10° to +40°C
EPD-N2 PTB Gamma-Neutron Dosimeter
Gamma, Neutron
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