Biotech Solutions


Biotech solutions can be integrated into novel research areas and used to provide innovative applications to deliver advanced scientific results, which in turn contribute to pioneering solutions in various therapeutic areas and medical disciplines.

The Fisher Scientific channel can provide you with various products and programs to enhance your work, both in research and manufacturing, and can distribute the essential supplier brands and services necessary for the achievement of your goals in a faster and more consistent manner.

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Research Areas

Cell & Gene Therapies

Cell & Gene Therapies

Discover complete workflow solutions for the investigation of different cellular structures and genetic pathways. Build the foundation of your innovative therapeutic achievements.

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Explore solutions for the investigation of the various cascades in the body's immune system. Determine the impact of relevant compounds and their involvement within functional biochemical reactions or even in therapeutics.

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Development of Small & Large Molecules

Examine solutions to include in your chosen approach to the development and manufacturing of small molecules and drugs, as well as of biologics and other large molecules.

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Partnership Programs

Select our services and delivery offers to access the best choices for quality and rapid distribution, as well as programs on environmental protection and sustainability.

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Featured Products

Application Areas


Discover solutions and offers to support your research projects within different biological and molecular applications including cellular, genetic or protein-based samples.

Cell Culture

PCR & Oligos

Antibodies & Proteins


Find support and solutions for your analytical experiments and chemical reactions, as well as for chromatographic applications.



pH & Electrochemistry


Choose from our broad range of consumables, flexible tools, and equipment to prepare your scientific experiments and protect from safety hazards.



Tubes & Vials

Testing & Filtration


Identify solutions and equipment for the preparation and processing of your experimental reagents, as well as the cultivation and subsequent storage of your product samples.

Centrifuges & Microcentrifuges

Balances, Scales & Weighing

Pipettes, Syringes & Needles

Equipment & Instruments

Diagnostic Development

Featured Brands